Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rain and the DBAP

Or, how to plan your trip to the game.

With the new webcam at the park, things have gotten a bit easier.

The key variables are: driving time and tarp-removal-to-play time.

In my case it takes me about 30 minutes to get to the DBAP.

In general, the time from when they start taking the tarp off until play starts/resumes is about 30 minutes.

So, on a rainy day just fire up the webcam and see if the tarp is on the field. In my case I can wait until I see them start pulling the tarp. If all goes well, I’ll be there in time for the first pitch or a few minutes after.

For example, at this moment (10:15 on a gloomy Wednesday when a 1:00 PM game is scheduled) the tarp has been pulled, but coverings remain on the mound and home plate areas. So it looks like we’re good to go.

One downside of that new webcam: You can zoom right down individual seats. So if you told someone you’re off to a Bulls game, and s/he knows where you usually sit, I’d suggest actually going to the game and waving in the direction of the camera from time to time.


  1. Uh oh.
    The new "zoomability feature" means folks can't bag work claiming to be sick if the boss knows where there seat is.
    Better let hooky-playing fans know about that one, huh, Chris?

  2. I had no idea it could zoom! How funny! I'll have to wear a shirt that says "hi mom!"

  3. If we have among our readership folks with employers so narrow-minded as to consider a day at the DBAP anything other than a fundamental right, then we have failed as Bulls fans -- either in our ability to convey the truth to our employers or in our choice of employers.

  4. Uh... Chris... where'd you go? Dave & I stuck it out to the bitter end. We were among about 100 hardy souls that did so.

    Cool as it was, we sweat buckets until that last run.

  5. I think there were ~85 souls left when play resumed; after sitting through an hour and a half rain delay, I wasn't going to leave with the score tied.


  6. Check out my latest post, you're in the middle of it!

  7. Did I miss something really important, or did I just miss freezing my ... off?