Sunday, April 25, 2010

Safe! Safe! Safe!

Game 17: Durham Bulls 7, Gwinnett Braves 8
Season: 13-4
Wrap, Box, Durham Herald-Sun, Indy Week

When Jennings came in to run for Blalock in the 9th, I was watching the game from up on the Blue Monster. Pleased to see Jennings come in because that would mean that he was not out of the lineup for the last couple of days with a physical problem. But it also meant that I could not get a really good look at umpire Manny Gonzalez’s call on Jennings’ attempted steal. I will defer to broadcaster Neil Solondz, the reporters from the Herald-Sun and Indy Week (who saw the in-booth replay), and Charlie Montoyo — he was SAFE!!

I muttered to myself all the way home, but it was about something else. Scanned the papers/websites this morning for quotes/questions. No joy. Since baseball is a game of the moment, dwelling on the past does not have much merit. Nevertheless …

Why in the world were Dan Johnson, Chris Richard, and Desmond Jennings benched? Why was catcher Alvin Colina put in the lineup in the designated hitter spot? I like Alvin Colina a lot as a catcher, but he’s batting well below .200. Last night he struck out with men on 1st and 2nd, struck out with a man on first, hit an RBI single with men on 1st and 3rd, and grounded out with men on 2nd and 3rd. Gotta think that one of the other three might have done better. And then there was the problem of warming up pitchers. Was that Rashad Eldridge I saw in catcher’s tools warming up Winston Abreu?

Oh well, life is getting in the way of baseball this morning. So a few more bits of trivia from the game and let’s look forward.
  • Two of the Bulls runs were scored on passed balls/wild pitches.
  • A bruiser of a night for both teams — two Bulls and two Braves hit by pitches.
  • The Braves’ Craig Kimbrel can really chunk the ball. Seemed like everything he was throwing was in the 94 to 95 mph range. He was, however, one of the guys who hit a Bull and who let a run score on a wild pitch.
  • Joe Bateman’s luck ran out on him. Often Joe just scares us with his propensity to let guys get on base. Last night he went two innings, hit one batter per inning, walked one, gave up 4 singles, and two runs. And this was with the defense getting two double plays behind him.
  • Winston Abreu looked terrific for his one inning.
Other notes:
  • Virgil Vasquez is going on the disabled list. That’s two Durham Bulls starters who have gone on the DL in between their starts. What’s afoot? Since Montgomery appears to be short of pitchers as well, this is going to create some problems for us. Baker as a starter?
  • Bull John Jaso got his first big league home run yesterday and is impressing folks with his defense (apparently he made some changes to his stance in spring training). (RaysIndex and St Pete Times)
  • Interesting interview with Elliot Johnson


  1. I'm so glad to hear that Jaso got a HR yesterday - am hoping he'll do well.

    As to our missing the game last night... perhaps we can be forgiven in that we were one of about 85 people who stuck it out through a downpour that resulted in a 1 1/2 hour rain delay of a game that lasted 12 innings. We were still drying out.

  2. In spite of strong hitting last night, I agree that it doesn't make sense for Colina to DH. First of all, that means that there is no one to warm up anyone in the bullpen (yes, it was Elrdridge warming up Abreu on Sat night!) and second, Chris Richard and Dan Johnson are both hitting well...use them as DH, if they aren't starting. Let's not waste that talent on the bench.