Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Buffaloed by Buffaloes in Buffalo

Game 20: Durham Bulls 5, Buffalo Bisons 9
Season: 14-6
Wrap, Box

At game time it was 45° and wind blowing at 18 mph; at game’s end the temperature was 43° and wind still blowing (i.e., 35° with wind chill). That is not baseball weather. It hurts just to imagine what hitting a ball with a bat felt like last night.

Nevertheless …

Hernandez, Benoit, and Baker had basically crummy nights on the mound. Why did Benoit pitch for just one inning (the 5th)? Rumor has it he may be going to Tampa Bay (oh, for a seat in that birthday cake on the Bay last night).

Chris Richard got his third homer but made an error playing left field (left field?).

For the second game in a row we got more hits than our opponents, but lost the game.

Just try to get warm, guys. This ain’t baseball weather. You know it. They know it. Just stay warm.

Re: headline. By the end of this visit, DRR is gonna regret giving me that link.

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