Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Other Starters

OK, three out of five ain’t too bad. I am now confident that Hellickson, Phillips, Hernandez, Bennett, and Vasquez are the Durham Bulls started rotation, so let’s finish this out.

Jeff Bennett, RHP, 30
Basics, stats
Jeff’s had a good bit of major league time, almost all as a reliever, so I guess that’s why I didn’t expect to see him in a starting role. On the other hand, the three appearances he had with us last August were all as a starter. Oft-injured. Maybe this is his year.

Virgil Vasquez, RHP, 27
Basics, stats, more stats
DRR had it right a couple of days ago. Vasquez has been mostly a starter in his career. Should have seen that when I was making up my earlier list. Lots of Triple A time in the International League with Toledo and Indianapolis. He’s got some interesting stats. He might be a real asset this year. Has done well against the Bulls. Here’s hoping he can do something for us.


  1. I would be interested to see what Vasquez's power is like. Based on has stats, it looks like he has pretty good control (not many walks or HBP's), so I wonder if he a guy that relies more on his control than being able to blow it by a batter. Just speculating, though.

    (I can't get the link for "more stats" to work for him, though)

  2. Don't know why that link doesn't work. And I don't seem to be able to cut and paste. However, Typing in Vasquez's name at:
    should work. Hard to guess what his power is, but I'm looking forward to seeing him. Possible that he could be a really interesting guy to watch.