Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lobaton to Tampa Bay; Ekstrom to the Bulls; and More

Last Friday Tampa Bay Rays catcher Dioner Navarro bumped da ump [story & video]. Major League baseball, moving with awesome swiftness meditated for a while, then suspended him for two days. Why should we Durham Bulls fans care? Because one of our two catchers, Jose Lobaton has been “recalled” to Tampa Bay (how do you recall someone who’s never been called?). In return, we will get Tampa Bay reliever Mike Ekstrom. That might be helpful over the next couple of days. [Thanks for the heads up, DRR]

Joe Dillon made some noise in spring training about becoming a catcher. Will this be his big chance?

As long as I’m putting a post together, here are a few more tidbits.
  • Rashad Eldridge is officially off the disabled list.
  • John Jaso is really getting some love down in the jukebox on the Bay.
  • Cuban defector Leslie Anderson, is very likely to show up in Durham this season. Thus making six Bulls with credentials at first base (Richard, Shealy, Blalock, Dillon, and Dan Johnson).
  • Bartending at a Durham nightspot did not go well for a Bulls wife.
  • And a further note about yesterday’s game: Angel Chavez at 28 was the youngest player in the infield of Blalock (29), Dillon (34), and Richard (35). Who says baseball is a young man’s game?


  1. There is some speculation on the Rays blog sites that Navarro could hit the DL after his suspension, which would cost us Lobaton for a few more days. I wonder if we are going to do some roster shifting to get us a back-up catcher (maybe someone to HV again?) or just ask Colina to not get hurt or thrown out of a game.

  2. Joe Dillon really was trying to sell himself as a catcher in Spring Training. So he really could show up behind the plate. Or we could bring Albernaz back and reach further down into the system.

  3. It would be interesting to see Dillon give it a shot, especially since we seem to have a number of infielders at the moment and I am not sure who we would take off the roster to call up Albernaz.

  4. whats the rabbit hop he does before he leaves the batters box?

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  6. My wife pointed that out to me last year. Dillon Dillon seems to have quite a few of those ritualistic quirks. After each pitch he steps out of the batter's box, puts his bat under his arm, refastens his batting gloves, and claps his palms.Then there's that bunny hop as he approaches the plate. Whatever works, I suppose.

    For all that, Jonny Gomes was surely the worst for ritual behavior that I've seen at the DBAP.

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