Monday, April 26, 2010

Vasquez, Jennings, & Eldridge

Very pleased to see Adam Sobsey over at Indy Week dig out the info on Virgil Vasquez I was whimpering about yesterday. Here are some key quotes:

Virgil Vasquez was placed on the 7-day disabled list, but he’ll be out a while. Vasquez was riding his scooter to the park on Friday—he lives near the DBAP—and was in a traffic accident. Both of his wrists are fractured. Fortunately, his throwing hand took less of the impact. He will fly to Florida on Monday for diagnosis and rehab, and isn’t expected back for at least three weeks.

Desmond Jennings hasn’t started a game since Thursday. He is nursing a shoulder ouchie, according to Charlie Montoyo. Jennings was out of the clubhouse quickly after Sunday’s game, so there was no time to ask him what happened. He’s still young—and awesome—but one thing you can’t help noticing about Jennings is that he seems to be easily and frequently hurt. Say whatever you want about bad luck, about the physical grind of baseball; the fact is that there is a skill, a talent for staying healthy, and Jennings is still mastering it. Elliot Johnson, who has played in every single Bulls game this season, started in left field. He may have to do it again for a while until Jennings or Rashad Eldridge, who is days away from returning from his own shoulder problems, returns.
The rest of Adam's story is well done. Worth a look.


  1. As you pointed out last night: why should we need to find this out from a guy in Montgomery?

    Oh well, a blogger's life is a lonely one.

    See you in 2 weeks.


  2. Not sure about Jennings. He has so much speed and is beginning to find some power and his instincts are good but some players just get hurt and stay hurt their entire carrer. I hope he isn't one of those guys but I'm afraid he is. He may never get his stride.