Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jaso To Rays

Marc Topkin is reporting that John Jaso has been called up to the Rays to fill in for injured Rays catcher Kelly Shopach. [St Petersburg Times] [Thanks, DRR]

Jaso is the only Bulls catcher on the Rays 40-man, so they can't take any more. We are left with just one catcher.

On the other hand, one of our favorite Bulls has not been heard from since spring training, Craig Albernaz. As close watchers of the Bulls will know, Craig is often in the dugout at Bulls games and has been known to appear (and disappear) from the Bulls rosters on a moment’s notice. Of course, since we have not been to any of Bulls games yet, and the Bulls website is notoriously slow in updating the roster, so we have no way to know if Craig is even in the Rays system any more. Hope that he is and that he gets in a few games before Jaso gets back.

And good luck to John while he’s in Baltimore (and Boston, and Chicago).


  1. yes craig is in the system and was active yesterday

  2. I wish Jaso lots of luck. But an observation: we're up the creek if we have an injured catcher or outfielder - we don't have much of a cushion in either area. So Craig, Justin, Rashad, and Fernando - PLEASE STAY HEALTHY!