Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Evening At the Park With the Bulls

Game 18: Durham Bulls 9, Gwinnett Braves 1
Season: 14-4
Wrap, Box

“[In] Triple-A it’s the best lineup I’ve seen. Not just played with, but seen.”
Chris Richard, Durham Bulls First Baseman

I don’t know if Aneury Rodriguez is the real deal, but he’s doing one heck of a job so far. In his second start in AAA he went another seven innings allowing only one hit (the first batter), two walks, and no runs. So that’s two games, 14 innings, two wins, no runs. Nothing like the numbers he was putting together in Montgomery. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, the Bulls lineup is just crushing the ball. For the first time this season we had a bit of wind at the DBAP and it seemed to help. Four home runs, including one off the Bull by Joe Dillon. Dillon has two on the season, Ruggiano hit his fourth, Richard his second, and Colina his second. Should mention here that Colina, whom I criticized this morning, had a double, homer, single and a walk, 3 RBIs. So guess I should shut up about him.

Since the Bulls are doing so well, let me indulge in a bit complaining.

I realize that I’m just a fan blogging about a team I like a lot. I am not a member of the press, nor do I want to be. Nevertheless, when I queried the Bulls about a story out of Montgomery, Alabama regarding one of our pitchers I figured that since the story was already out it would be confirmed. So I asked if Virgil Vazquez had broken his wrist in a car accident. To my surprise the answer was, “I don't have any details on an accident. He does have a wrist injury, but they haven't told me how severe it is.”

I really hope that the real reporters (Joe Johnson and Briana Gorman at the Herald-Sun, Mike Potter and Adam Sobsey at Indy Week) chase this down.

While they are at it, maybe they can find out why (except for an appearance as a pinch runner on Saturday night) Desmond Jennings hasn’t played for three days. I had figured that it was part of Montoyo sharing the load, but three days off is a lot.

While they are at it, maybe they could find out why we don’t have Sunday afternoon games. That would be nice.

And when Rashad Eldridge will be back, and what was wrong with him in the first place.

Guess we’ll find out how Charlie Montoyo plans to deal with the pitcher problem tomorrow morning. We are short one starter. By the way, tomorrow’s game is going to be on the MLB network. A chance to set your DVR, go to the game, and then come home and see the game again!

Interesting interview of Chris Richard here.

A baseball game at 11 in the morning! Pancakes and coffee at the DBAP?


  1. I hope the Bulls front office comes to their senses and realizes that this blog is actually more useful to us fans than the actual press. I don't have time to read/listen/watch all the various news stories out there, but luckily you are here to provide us with a concise (and amusing) daily summary, with all the links I could ever need! Thank you, Chris!

  2. Is Desmond Jennings injured again? With the way the Rays are going he could be the last piece atop the lineup to push them past the Yanks. It's going to take at least a healthy month playing for the Bulls though.

  3. Adam Sobsey of Indy Week did ask some questions after yesterday's game and I've clipped a few quotes from his article. Doesn't look very good.

  4. one of these Bulls runs got someone a steak

  5. Could have sworn I heard it announced that some seats were given steak dinners ... at the new Tobacco Road place up on the Blue Monster. That's probably where Joe Dillon will get his as well.

  6. Pretty sure it was section 103 when Dillon hit the Bull. If I recall, he hit the Bull last year, and I remember at the time feeling a bit annoyed that the section that got the free steaks was the one front and center behind home plate. Is that the official "free steak" section? How about giving it to some of the fans out in Diamond View?

  7. heh watch it there chief thats where I sit...LOL

    view from my seat at Sundays game