Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Archer/Albernaz Earn Split

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Season: 12-21; Trip: 1-1; Standings

Brandon Guyer was gone from the lineups last night, on his way to New York City and the Rays to fill the slot opened by infielder Jeff Keppinger, who has been placed on the "restricted list". Not sure what that means, but I'm sure we'll find out soon.

In the first game, the Bulls offense was held in check for all except the 3rd inning. I was not able to listen, so can't add anything to the wrap.

I was able to listen to the second game. Chris Archer was showing his stuff for his best start of the year. And when the Chiefs walked Juan Miranda to get to Craig Albernaz (loading the bases), Craig rose to the occasion with a single that sent two runs in.

Good thing. Two Bulls, Jesus Feliciano and Matt Mangini, got run out of the game for arguing calls with umpire Gerard Ascani. That meant that with Guyer's departure the bench was empty of position players. Inquiring minds want to know: Which Durham Bulls pitcher moved over next to Charley Montoyo and pleaded, "Send me in, coach. I could really crush the ball in (choose one) Little League, Legion Ball, University of ...?"

Outside the game
  • The rosters tab on the Bulls website now gives you access to both the Bulls roster and the Rays 40-man. Great! Was useful today in chasing down who Jeff Keppinger is.
  • Alliance Bank Stadium (pictured above) seems to be part of a not very successful redevelopment effort up in Syracuse. Reviews here and here. It came in 22nd in a rating of AAA baseball stadiums. As noted in one of the reviews, sort of looks like Norfolk's stadium. 


  1. Was really glad to see Albernaz bust through with a clutch hit yesterday night - hopefully this leads to more good things from him at the plate.

    Syracuse unveiled a new video scoreboard in their stadium yesterday according to their website and their broadcaster (who Patrick interviewed between games, a very nice interview). It sounds like they struggle a bit for fans during the non-summer months, but that the Nationals success has injected some excitement into their franchise. They are clearly trying to improve things after some tough years as a Blue Jays affiliate.

    I have not seen Syracuse but I did go to Norfolk for the first time last year. That trip made me appreciate all the amenities we have as Bulls fans, starting with our beautiful modern stadium and ending with not having full-blown Ticketmaster fees on our tickets.

  2. I didn't use the Google Maps image because I wasn't sure if the satellite shot was out of date. That one looks even more like the stadium is in the middle of an industrial wasteland. In the various stadium reviews there was some chatter about big nearby malls and projects under development. We are lucky that the Bulls stadium was not built out on the Wake/Durham County line as was once proposed when the first bond issue died.
    When the big deal is a new scoreboard, no matter how fancy, you gotta worry, I'd think.
    This moment, with three Rays catchers on the DL, is Albernaz big chance. Boy would I like to see him get at least a September call-up.
    Thanks for the feedback on the Kinas interview.

  3. Some interesting quotes from Guyer:

    1. I saw that and maybe you can help me with something here. I can't decide if covering Matt Bush up here is relevant to covering the Bulls. I've been watching the case but have done very little writing about either Bush or his connection to Guyer. Maybe I should. Or maybe just put up links from time to time in the "outside the game" section. What do you think?

    2. I can understand the desire to stay away from the topic, but it does seem to have directly impacted the Bulls this year.I think that, even if you stay away from the specifics of what happened, talking about the fact that Guyer's play was clearly being affected as well as the Bulls' plan for the rotation this year.

    3. Thanks for the advice. I guess that it does matter if he thinks it's affecting his play.

    4. And now Joyce "rolled" his ankle. Vogt and Brignac are the only 40-man position players left.