Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Take a Break

Season: 19-28; Home Stand: 4-4; Bulls vs. Knights: 4-7; Standings
Box, Wrap, Herald-Sun

After today’s game the Bulls get Wednesday off. They finish the home stand against the Norfolk Tides with games on Thursday and Friday.

 They don’t play Charlotte again until July 12. No way to tell if they’ll have to face the Knights’ Terry Doyle again. They shouldn’t. He should be in the majors by then, unless today was a fluke. Doyle looked really good and the Bulls (other than Leslie Anderson) just flailed at the ball.

Jim Paduch seems to be an up and down kind of guy. He did just fine in his last start but he was tentative today. It didn’t help that he gave up two runs in the first inning and it was immediately clear that Doyle was having a good day. And Paduch did give up two runs all by himself with a throwing error and a wild pitch, a walk, and two singles. Ugly inning.

Jose Lobaton was behind the plate and seemed comfortable there. Not so much at bat, 0-4. With Lobaton in the game it gave the Bulls the very weird bench of Brignac, Acosta, Albernaz, and Salazar.

Lobaton wasn’t alone going 0-4: So did Hideki Matsui, Henry Wrigley, Juan Miranda, and Shawn O’Malley.

Bryan Augenstein, who hasn't been seen since early April, had two very nice innings. Josh Lueke is back from Tampa Bay and gave up a run.

Outside the game
Chart of the Day
Bulls ERAs

The Bulls' team ERA is showing a modest downward trend, but the team ERA really doesn't compare well with the International League's overall ERA of 3.72. 


  1. Gaub claimed off waivers by the Rangers.

  2. Too bad, for the Bulls, that is. I was thinking that it would be nice to have a pitcher in the bullpen who wasn't subject to being yanked out. Assume it's a done deal. Wish him well. Looked to me like he was improving.

  3. I always wonder how much of our pitching decisions are in the hands of the Rays. Suddenly Gaub throws 3 innings right before being DFAd. Does Charlie even have a choice there?

    Also wonder what these guys' taxes look like at the end of the year. Gaub has had at least 3 big league employers this year.

  4. This is a nice story:


    Has a brief mention of Durham as a place that "supposed to be nice to play."

  5. Also, I assume you saw this, but just in case:


  6. Thanks for both (I had not seen either). Life has been getting in the way of baseball ever since I left the game last night when they pulled the tarp on the field.