Friday, May 11, 2012

Painful Round Trips

Box, Wrap, Herald-Sun
Season: 12-23; Trip: 1-3; Standings

Not much to say about this one. Three home runs accounted for all of Syracuse’s scores and Matt Torra, who leads Bulls pitching in the giving-up-homers category with 10 of them, took the loss.

Outside the game
  • Brandon Guyer told a Tampa Bay reporter that his legal troubles have been a distraction. Guyer owned the car that Matt Bush was driving when he got involved in a nasty accident this spring. Guyer is party to a multi-million dollar lawsuit related to the event.
  • More on Guyer: He started in left field in Yankee Stadium last night, but went 0-4 in the Rays’ loss. Looks like he will be there a few more days.
  • Over at Rays Prospects BurGi updates his terrific table analyzing hitting prospects in the Rays system.
  • Rays Index has a video of Hideki Matsui working out down in Florida. No word on when he will be arriving in Durham. That’s going to be fun.
Amazing Video!

A few days ago I noted that Dioner Navarro was now playing for the Louisville Bats. I recalled the time in 2010 when Navarro was with the Bulls and we were playing those very same Bats with Aroldis Chapman on the mound. Navarro “took one for the team” in the form of a 102 mph fastball.

Here’s the amazing bit. Careful reader The Grillmaestro has a video taken with his iPhone of that very moment. How cool is that?

Notice the ball skipping off of Navarro's back and down the batter's approach path.

Thank you Grillmaestro!

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