Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hideki Matsui (松井 秀喜) to the Durham Bulls

Hideki Matsui is scheduled to arrive in Durham this Tuesday or Wednesday.

For Bulls fans this is a really big deal.  Matsui could be the greatest baseball player ever to put on a Durham Bulls uniform. Will we get a chance to see great baseball? No way to tell. But will we get a chance to see a great baseball player? Undoubtedly.

How long will he be with the Bulls? Also not possible to tell. But for a few days or weeks the Bulls will have a very bright spotlight on them. The Raleigh News & Observer might even send a reporter to cover the event. 

Want a really great rumor? It could be (pure speculation) Daisuke Matsuzaka pitching when Matsui first comes to bat. Dice-K is currently rehabbing with the Pawtucket Red Sox.

Background. Stats. Note: Other than a couple of rehab visits, Matsui has never played minor league baseball in the United States.


  1. Is Matsui coming to Durham after all? On the Rays radio broadcast yesterday there were remarks about him joining the team in Toronto because of visa problems and his being best able to handle them there.

  2. Yes, he is definitely coming to Durham. Only question is when he starts playing.

    Personally, I'm curious about who gets kicked off the bus. That, I think will depend on how carefully the Rays want to look at Wrigley. If they like him, I'd bet that Miranda gets released.

    Most recent press release says Matsui could play, "As early as Tuesday." The Toronto trip had something to do with some kind of immigration rules that says you have to leave the country to be issued a work visa.

  3. Thanks - that's what I figured, though with Jennings still dinged up and possibly heading to the DL, it sounded like a bit much of coincidence. As far as making room for Matsui, there's perhaps a more pressing organizational question, who falls off the 40 man roster. Miranda isn't on it.

  4. Chris, Matsui is scheduled to arrive tomorrow afternoon and barring setbacks, make his Bulls debut Tuesday night.

  5. As a Yankees fan it will be nice, and weird at the same time to see him in a Bulls uniform. I plan to attend the game this Saturday so hopefully he is still on the squad.