Friday, May 4, 2012



Game 28, Thursday, May 3, DBAP
Season: 9-19; Home Stand: 3-4
Box, Wrap, Indy Week

Shortstop Shawn O’Malley took two for the team, but the team could not get him home. That may have made all the difference. In the 3rd Kyle Hudson got on with a bunt single. O’Malley got plunked by Bat starter Sean Gallagher. They moved to second and third base when Gallagher balked. Hudson came home on a Leslie Anderson ground out. O’Malley was stranded on third when Juan Miranda grounded out.

In the 8th O’Malley was clipped by reliever Kanekoa Texeira and moved to second on a Stephen Vogt sacrifice. That’s where he was after a walk and a double play ended the inning.

Also on the plus side of a losing cause were Bulls pitchers. Chris Archer had a solid outing. Alexander Torres was shaky (and walked two) in his first appearance in relief. Ryan Reid was terrific. Cesar Ramos let a pitch and a home run get away from him in the 11th and that made the difference. But the Bulls had plenty of chances before the 11th inning to put the game away.

Also on the plus side was Reid Brignac’s home run, deserving a special mention. He also ran out a very hard hit grounder for a single in the 9th, but got stranded on second.

I’ve got to mention Leslie Anderson and Kyle Hudson teaming up to misplay of a hit off the wall in the very first inning. I’m pretty sure it was Anderson’s first time in left field this year, but he’s played it before. Daniel Dorn’s hit off the wall played properly would have been at most a double. And it’s possible that the runner on first would not have scored. DBAP fundamentals are for the center fielder to play for the carom, not the ball. As it happened the ball skittered back into the middle of the outfield with both outfielders chasing it. The runner on first scored, and Dorn easily made it to third.

New guy Cole Figueroa started at third, got a double, started a clean double play, and looks pretty good.

Brandon Guyer is reported to be coming back for tonight’s game. A welcome addition, I’d say.

Chart of the Day

This is just a bit of wishful (or is that wistful) thinking on my part. These are yesterday’s OPS numbers with 2012 numbers of three guys who played for the Bulls last year added (Johnson, Ruggiano, and Canzler). Wouldn’t it have been lovely?

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