Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It Was (Might Be) a Dark and Stormy Night

DBAP, 11:20 am, May 15, 2012

Advice for newcomers to Bulls baseball who might be arriving at this blog for the first time. Since we have the perfect storm of Hideki Matsui and the Pawtucket Red Sox (bring out the Red Sox Nation!) occurring today I’m guessing there might be some new folks.

What I’m worried about is a real storm.

Here’s the key number: 30 minutes.

That's the time from pulling the tarp off the field until the game begins (resumes).

So here’s what I do with the forecast is iffy. Note: I live about 30 minutes from the DBAP.

I go to the Bulls website, then mouse over to the “Gameday” menu and click on the stadium camera drop down. Or click this link.

That will get you to the camera that's up on the Diamond View I building behind right field. The screen grab above is from a few minutes ago.

If the tarp is on the field. I stay home. I keep checking every five minutes or so and keep my eye on weather radars. I also try to get a radio update (AM 620), but if there’s a rain delay the radio often goes back to regular programming.

If I see the the tarp being pulled off the field, I get in my car and head for the DBAP. I might miss the Star-Spangled Banner, but usually I’m there in time for the game. The grounds crew and the field drainage is world class. We are fortunate that it's usually only 30 minutes.

If the tarp gets put back on, I’m screwed. I’ll usually go on into the park, get something to eat and huddle miserably with everyone else waiting for the rain to go away. Sometimes I’ll give up and go home and catch the game on TW 151/1151 (if the game is being telecast). (Note: the last time the chorus who was there to do the National Anthem started singing Christmas carols, in May! We all sang along.)

I cannot bring myself to do a thorough analysis of the epistemological differences between a rain delay and a rainout. The short version is that if it’s a delay you don’t get your money back. If it’s a rainout, you can get a ticket exchange. But if they finished 4½ innings before the storm ... oh never mind, here’s the link.

Watch the skies. Watch the stadium camera. Do not do a rain dance! This is baseball! Who cares about your lawn!

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  1. I ripped the lawn up and painted the dirt green...not really but I though t about it once

    I bought a ticket for the Wed night game hopefully Godzilla will be playing then too