Friday, May 11, 2012

Wrigley to the Bulls

If Charley Montoyo was looking for a hitter last night, only Craig Albernaz was looking back. Brandon Guyer is with the Rays and Matt Mangini is on condolence leave.

Henry Wrigley (stats) is on his way from Montgomery. Wrigley’s having a pretty good year and has hit a bunch of home runs (7), more than that anyone with the Bulls. Here's the link to BurGi's spreadsheet that puts him very high on the list. This will be his first time at AAA ball.

The folks over at Rays Prospects don’t spend a lot of time on him. Maybe one of them will jump in here and give us a profile.

Speaking of ballplayers, did reliever Brandon Gomes show up?

Nice little preview on the Bulls website.

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