Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Roster in Turmoil

The game starts in exactly an hour, so here are just the bullets.
  • Tim Beckham has been suspended for 50 games for a second offense using a drug of abuse. Stacy Long has the details.
  • Brandon Guyer moved to DL, but we expected that.
  • A pitcher, Ricky Orta, who has been on the Bulls roster since the beginning of the season, was released. We never saw/met the man.
  • Biscuits infielder Cole Figueroa is on his way, also according to Stacy Long.
  • Finally, Long thinks that someone on the Bulls roster will be going to the Rays as a stand-in for injured Evan Longoria. 


  1. Looks like it is Will Rhymes getting the call up.

  2. Elijah Dukes all over again?

    Dave in 208

    1. Is this in reference to Beckham? I don't really see a connection there. Dukes has a long history of violent offenses and conflict in both his personal and professional life. Beckham, apparently, got caught smoking pot a couple of times. I don't mean to downplay Beckham's offenses, but I think it is quite the stretch to make the connection to Dukes.