Saturday, May 5, 2012

Game Suspended; Resumes 4 pm Sunday

First, a small confession: I left the DBAP about 7:00 pm and watched what there was of a game at home. That photo was taken just before I left.

The game didn’t get going until about 8:00 and Matt Torra’s second pitch was hit into the right field stands. The home run was followed by a single, a walk, and a double before he got things under control.

And so it stood as the rain came and went and came again. A mess. The sprinklers even came on at one point.

The game resumes 4 pm Sunday: top of the 3rd inning, two outs.

They will will go nine innings, or until the game is over, then play a seven inning game to finish the series.

Contact the box office or check the website regarding what happens with a raincheck.

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