Monday, June 1, 2009


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We’re at 50 games, ten times through the rotation, so time to take another look.

The performance chart looks pretty good. A small change in the chart from last time is that I’ve added a “season” bar at the end. A modest concern is that the hitting and pitching trends are trending down. However, we’re still winning. If it were to persist, though, then we might need to start worrying.

The pitching chart shows the terrific job that relievers Abreu, Thayer, and Bateman have been doing. Davis and Hernandez are obviously the stalwarts of the starting crew. A minor note for those who look at these charts but don’t follow the Bulls all that closely, the Hall data reflect my somewhat warped sense of humor. Matt Hall is a position player thrown the the wolves the other day who did a fine job for 1 inning.

The last chart is the really pretty one. If we keep this up, we will continue on with the great year we’re having.

See this post and this one for some of the logic behind the charts.

  • Rays Party on Rashad Eldridge
  • Tampa Tribune on Joyce coming to the Rays (Joyce is from the Tampa area, actually went to the same high school my as my daughter).
  • Adam Sobsey concedes that walks are boring, and gets some good quotes from Rays’ executive Chaim Bloom.

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