Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ashley to Disabled List; Albernaz Promoted

I could not bring myself to write about last night’s disaster. I’ll put up the basic links later on.

Those of you who were at the game saw Nevin Ashley in severe pain when he was hit on his throwing hand by a deflected pitch in the 3rd inning. That was what led to that extraordinary bit of lineup shuffling: Left fielder Stephen Vogt ran in to put on his catching gear, second baseman Sean O’Malley ran out to left field, third baseman Will Rhymes jogged over to second base, and Matt Mangini off the bench to third base.

It turns out that the injury to Ashely’s hand is serious and he’s been place on the disabled list.

Catcher Craig Albernaz has been “promoted" from Hudson Valley. That is, he's taken off the windshirt he's been wearing and can now appear in a full Durham Bulls uniform. Welcome back, Craig. Sorry about the circumstances.

The Bulls have no depth whatever left on their bench since all of the players there are nursing an injury of one sort or another.

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  1. I know you don't tweet Chris, so here are some lovely Bulls stats I just twittered:

    - Durham Bulls catcher ERAs: Gimenez = 3.00 in 21.0 innings; Vogt = 6.00 in 21.0 inns; Ashley = 6.37 in 113.0 inns; Albernaz = 8.71 in 31.0 inns.

    - Durham Bulls starting pitchers ERA = 6.36, relievers = 6.26.

    - In 22 games Durham Bulls starters have only thrown 96.2 innings, relievers 89.1. Today's starter Chris Archer avging 4 1/2 IP per start.

    I could go on, but... When Leslie Anderson and Cesar Ramos are the bright spots, wow.

    There isn't much help ready in Montgomery either, Wrigley, Figueroa, Luna. Figueroa is probably the best bet to do ok in AAA, and he can play all over the infield. On the pitchers, maybe add FDLS to the pen, but he runs hot and COLD. Looks like the current roster is going to have to pull out of it or it's going to be a long summer.