Monday, April 16, 2012

Get the H... Out of Georgia

Game 9, Friday, April 13, Coolray Field, Laurenceville, Georgia
Gwinnett Braves 12; Durham Bulls 7
Wrap, Box

Game 10, Saturday, April 14, Coolray Field
Gwinnett Braves 5; Durham Bulls 0
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Game 11, Sunday, April 15, Coolray Field
Bulls 5; Braves 1
Box, Gwinnett Daily Post

The last time Jim Paduch pitched a game for the Bulls, the Bulls hit five home runs and scored ten runs in just the first two innings of the game (July 21, 2011). By the end of the game the Bulls had hit two more home runs and scored a total of 18 runs against the Rochester Red Wings. Paduch had joined the Bulls from Montgomery for the day and went back the next.

The results this time weren’t quite as spectacular, but the Bulls did get out of a 3-game losing streak and that was great to see. Paduch held the Braves to one run in his three innings and a combination of relievers Reid, Ramos, Sanchez and Gaub finished out the game. As with the last time, after the game Paduch went back to Montgomery.

The Bulls didn’t really start hitting until the 5th, and they had some help with a Braves pitcher throwing error. Similarly in the 6th another fielding error helped the Bulls out.

This is not a big inning team. Unlike the seven home runs the Bulls hit on that one day last July, the Bulls have only hit four homers in 11 games this year (the least in the league) and Nevin Ashley’s double yesterday was only the Bulls 16th (Just barely ahead of Louisville and Lehigh Valley). That means, obviously, that pitching is even more important. And that’s in turmoil.

Off to Charlotte for a game tonight. Well, not really Charlotte. Not even North Carolina. The Charlotte Knights play baseball in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Alex Torres is up to pitch. Will we be seeing some orderliness reappear in the pitching lineup? I don’t think so. Paduch and reliever Adam Liberatore have been sent back to Montgomery. If De La Rosa and Lueke show up the roster will fill up, even if there still will be only three starting pitchers in the crowd.

Outside the game:
  • Chris Gimenez went right into the lineup for the Rays and got a hit in his second at bat in the Rays loss to the Red Sox. Here’s a bit of background on his cringe-inducing injury (Wonder why a local reporter could not have gotten that story? Not trying?). But he also took some heat for not being able to get a bunt down. 


  1. The shuffle continues. Cobb back down, Gomes up.

  2. Yes, we were trying. What we were told was temporarily off the record, and then Gimenez was in Boston -- although the true nature of the injury was divulged by the media soon after it happened:

  3. In that case, my apologies. It does seem odd that he could speak on the record in Boston and not in Durham. Both Indy Week and Broadcaster Kinas did report the nature of the injury, although neither were apparently able to mention trip to the hospital, etc. Reminds me somewhat of Dan Johnson playing with a bum wrist all last year when everyone but the fans knew about it. The flip side of that is the old, old puzzle regarding how much fans can/should/need to know about the players.