Monday, April 16, 2012


Time to roll out WDBB’s first batch of charts. As a general statement, but especially this early in the season, the small sample size means that these are not particularly useful, but still fun to look at.

In all cases, clicking on the chart will give you a larger (and more legible) version of the chart.

First is just a look at how the Bulls are doing in the South Division of the International League. As you can see, the Bulls just got above .500 on the season and are headed for Charlotte, who are two games behind the Bulls.

This one is a running total of the runs scored by the Bulls minus the runs scored against them. This is something of a visual representation of Bill James’ “Pythagorean Expectation”. That in turn is the oddly true idea you can use runs scored and runs allowed to estimate how many games a team “should” have won. The Bulls current Pythagorean Expectation is 5-6, while their actual is 6-5. So, the Bulls are doing a good bit better than their “expectation”. But remember the small sample size warning.

Lastly a look at how our pitchers are doing as measured by cumulative ERA. Again, the small sample size will lead to a lot of variation at this point in the season. The oddity is how the reliever and starter lines are coming into synch. But that’s likely to be an artifact of the sample size as well.

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