Thursday, April 5, 2012

Durham Bulls Baseball!!

Durham Bulls 1913
At last!

Working on my checklist: scorecard, radio (tuned to 620), batteries, tickets, parking pass, what else?

In the meantime  more preseason pieces.
  • Stacy Long over Biscuit Crumbs has the Bulls rotation as Cobb (today), Torres, Augenstein, Archer, and  Torra.
  • The Herald-Sun has added two more profiles, both well done, on outfielder Brandon Guyer and reliever Dane De La Rosa.
  • Wonder of wonders! The Raleigh News & Observer has noticed that there's a baseball team in Durham with an opening day piece.
  • Indy Week opens its excellent Bulls coverage with a print and web piece on both the ballpark and the players.
The Bulls start the season playing the Gwinnett Braves, the Atlanta Braves AAA team that moved from Richmond, Virginia to Lawrenceville, Georgia a couple of years ago. Todd Redmond, a pitcher we've seen a lot of, will start tonight. Their hot prospect is pitcher Julio Tehran, but outfielder Stefan Gartrell gave Bulls pitching a good bit of trouble last year. Season opening profiles of the Braves here and here.

Lastly, just to close out something I've been watching, the last 2011 Bull that I thought had a shot at making a big league team got sent to AAA. Justin Ruggiano, who we saw in the last five seasons here, was a nonroster invitee to the Houston Astros this spring. He is off to Oklahoma City, the Astros AAA team.

See you at the DBAP!

Oh, by the way, if you're not used to it, parking can be a bit tricky ... maybe come a bit early just in case.


  1. So the first lineup is:

    1) Will Rhymes (2B)
    2) Travis Beckham (SS)
    3) Brandon Guyer (RF)
    4) Matt Mangini (3B)
    5) Juan Miranda (1B)
    6) Leslie Anderson (DH)
    7) Jesus Feliciano (CF)
    8) Chris Gimenez (C)
    9) Kyle Hudson (LF)

    P - Alex Cobb

    So how well did we all do?

  2. To answer my own question, here are the # of opening day lineup players everyone got:

    Chris W - 6
    Chris D - 5
    Doug Milhoan - 5
    DRR - 5

    No one got C correct because we all expected Chirinos to be available. No one called Feliciano or Hudson in the OF.

  3. Ahem! Ahem!

    Brad Coon ended up in Montgomery deflecting a few guesses as well.

    For newcomers, Chris D's reference is to:

  4. Winning on the 4th Braves' error of the game in the 12th sure is better than losing on a HR by a guy who has 7 in the last 4 years. Weird long cold wet game.

    New announcer was pretty good. Strong start, but understandably trailed off a bit in extras. Much higher quality than the occasional fills we've had in the past. That said, as much as I love "Bulls Win!" Ken, the less of him on the radio, the better.

    Overall a nice start, but I foresee a lot of 3-4 run offensive games in our future.