Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rainout and more ...

Today’s game (Sunday, April 22) was rained out. The Bulls and the Red Sox are to play a double header starting at 5:00 pm tomorrow.

Most likely these will be 7-inning games. Reports say that Ryan Reid is scheduled to start the first game and Chris Archer the second one.

* * * * *

Very rarely do I guess right when it comes to the business of baseball. But I did the other day. I think I may have sprained an elbow patting myself on the back regarding the latest transaction: Craig Albernaz has been assigned to the Hudson Valley Renegades to make room for Stephen Vogt. Now I wonder if I’ll be right about O’Malley?


  1. A bit random, but I thought a few people around here would enjoy this article:

    1. Very cool. Will put it into my "outside the game" links bag for later use. Thanks!

  2. Looks like Beckham went to the 7 day DL retroactive to 4/20. The cynical folks seem to say that this is an opportunity to decide what the Rays want to do with Brignac and Beckham.

    In any event Brignac officially added as of today.

  3. Looks like we might have a former big name headed our way, Hideki Matusi is signing a minor league deal with the Rays.

  4. Interesting stuff. Matsui would be an interesting guy to have around. Not sure how that will play with the current roster. But apparently he's to Stone Crabs for a while. Will have to chase down why he's available.