Monday, April 30, 2012

Bulls are No-Hit; Streak 0-13

Justin Wilson
Indianapolis Star file photo

Game 24, Sunday, April 29, DBAP
Indianapolis Indians 2, Durham Bulls 0
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Season: 6-18; Home Stand: 0-3; Streak: 0-13

At 107 pitches, the Indians’ Justin Wilson faced only 23 Bulls batters, none got a hit and he walked only two (Jeff Salazar and Kyle Hudson). Porcine Jose Diaz (a former Montgomery Biscuit) came in and got two outs. Doug Slaten came in (again) and got the last three outs.

Bulls fans had the good grace to give Wilson the ovation he deserved and a good-natured booing to Indians manager Dean Treanor for pulling Wilson from the game.

For Bulls fans, the real rub was that Bulls pitching had done a really good job. Alex Cobb did just fine through 6⅓ innings and Dane De La Rosa had his best outing of the year to finish out the game.

The hitters just couldn’t figure Wilson out.

I’m a baseball fan and I have to tell you that it was a thrill to be in the park when a no-hitter was pitched. Yes, it’s too bad the losing team was the Bulls, but you have to give the Indians their due. Great pitching, solid fielding, and just enough hitting to win.

Outside the game:
  • A careful reader notes that in addition to the 8 out of 9 batters in Saturday’s (and Sunday’s) lineup being left-handers, another lefty on the field was Wool E. Bull.

Chart of the Day: The Pitchers' ERAs

As you'd expect, the Bulls ERAs aren't very impressive. In fact, the team ERA (5.91) is the worst in the International League a full run behind Louisville (4.89).

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  1. Padush up, Fleming down. Matsui officially signed, reporting to extended spring.