Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rays Panic; Bulls Suffer

Panic might not be precisely the right word, but close enough. After all, the Rays have just lost four out of their last five games, some by pretty humiliating differences. So, just a day after calling up Dane De La Rosa, they’re sending him back. They’ve called up Alex Cobb, who was due to pitch for the Bulls today, and catcher Chris Gimenez, who came off the DL today (or was it yesterday?).

So, the Bulls are down to three starting pitchers. At a guess we’ll see another “start by committee” today. Maybe Ryan Reid leading off? If the idea was to save Gomes and Ramos for later, what does it mean if they are needed for long relief with the Bulls now? Shall we just move Albernaz to the bullpen and call up yet another catcher?


  1. RHP Jim Paduch is moving up from Montgomery. He can start and be the long man. Still haven't heard who starts today or Tuesday. Gotta think some sort of committee.

  2. Paduch starts today apparently.

    De La Rosa was terrible for the Rays last night ...

  3. Paduch did get the start. Did OK.