Saturday, April 14, 2012


I can’t bring myself to write about last night’s disaster, so I won’t. Let’s talk about all the transactions that have happened over the last several hours (and my guess is that there’s more to come).

RHP Josh Lueke has been sent to the Bulls from the Rays. Leuke actually started the season on the Bulls roster, but, as far as I know, he never put on a uniform. He’s had just two appearances with the Rays, in relief, 2⅓ innings, 9 hits, 7 earned runs, you do the math (OK, I will, that’s an ERA of 27.00). He is without a doubt a better player than that.

The Rays called up Dane De La Rosa, which confirms that they surely know a lot more about baseball and their players than I do. Just from looking the stats, Dane was the least likely Bulls reliever  on the Ray's 40-man roster to be called up. Gomes, Ramos, and Gaun all had better numbers. I like him. Here's hoping he is able to take advantage of the opportunity.

RHP Adam Liberatore has been called up from Montgomery. Liberatore is in only his third season of professional baseball and has been used almost exclusively as a reliever. He is not mentioned on the Rays Prospect website, so I guess that we will see what we see. He does not fill the hole made by Bryan Augenstein's trip to the disabled list. Hard to guess what will happen there.

I do have to note that Craig Albernaz pitched another scoreless inning last night.


  1. I looks like yesterday was a disaster for the Bulls in more ways than one. I know that there are some people that can separate a player on-field from off, but I have never been one of those people. I can't bring myself to cheer for Josh Lueke, regardless of how important he may end up being to the Bulls.

  2. Wonder who starts Sunday in Cobb's spot or on Tuesday in Augenstein's? Some sort of piggyback thing I would think, using several relievers, at least for Sunday. Ryan Reid can probably take the Tuesday spot. The Bulls staff is just a mess right now, 3 starters and 10 relievers (or 4 and 9 if you count Reid as a 'starter').

    1. Reid would be my guess. Montgomery's also short starters as well. Nunez tried out in Augenstein's slot the other day and didn't do all that well.

      What I can't figure is why Rays didn't bring up Gomes or Ramos? Guess we'll find out more today.

      Note: Gimenez and Cobb have been called up to Rays. De La Rosa on his way back. More later.

    2. Gomes pitched an inning Friday, only 12 pitches, but still enough. They said they wanted someone who could go longer if necessary on Saturday. So they went DDLR. DDLR didn't last long in innings on Saturday but he did throw a ton of pitches, so I guess they knew what they needed. Not sure on Ramos.