Tuesday, September 22, 2009

AAA Championship Game Tonight

The Bulls are in Oklahoma City for the AAA Championship game. How weird is that? Two teams from east of the Mississippi River flying out to Oklahoma City to play in the ballpark of the Oklahoma City Redhawks (AAA, Texas Rangers). How come the “Pacific Coast League” has teams in the middle of the country? Don’t ask.

Memphis is the Cardinals’ AAA team, but the IL won the All-Star game. So the Bulls are the home team and I assume we’ll be playing using a designated hitter. Good thing. I’d guess that none of our pitchers has been to bat in a long, long time.

For a look back to last Thursday’s game, check out Indy Week. For a look forward to tonight’s game take a look at MiLB’s preview.

Charlotte Knights manager Chris Chambliss will be doing some of the commentary for ESPN. If I heard him right, our Neal Solondz will be out there with 99.9FM and ESPN radio. Play-by-play for TV is by a PCL broadcasting veteran named Mike Capps. Here’s hoping he knows something about the Bulls.

Jeremy Hellickson has the start. And you can bet that if they are alive and kicking, Julio DePaula and Winston Abreu want to see some game time. In between, it would be tough to guess. In the field, it seems to me you go with what brung ya’. Ruggiano, Jennings and Joyce in the outfield. Dillon on first, Johnson at short, and Olmedo at third. If it were up to me, I’d start Mateo at second, but Rodriguez will probably get the nod. And if it were up to me, I’d start Hernandez as catcher, but Jaso won the game for us on Thursday, so maybe he gets the start. Rodriguez or Mateo as DH.

But that’s just me. I can’t remember a time when I’ve correctly predicted what Montoyo will do. So unlikely to be right for tonight either.

Hearing persistent reports of a viewing party at Tyler’s Taproom. Not sure where it’s coming from, but sounds like fun. I can’t make it, but hope that folks who do have a great time. Should be a fun game. Would love to have a T-Shirt with 2009: Southern Division Champs, International League Champs, AAA Champs.


  1. Yes the game will be on the screen tonight at Tylers Taproom Durham...I called them

    They also mentioned that if you show up wearing Bulls merchandise there are some special discounts..

  2. In his article Adam Sobsey said he will be at Tyler's tonight. So, there will be at least a few of us watching.

    It should be interesting to see what the line-ups look like. Everyone should be rested, so it should give us a pretty good idea of who Charlie thinks are the best nine we have. I wonder if we will go with a normal bullpen rotation, or if we could see another starter once Hellickson is done (especially if he has a shorter-than-usual outing). Hopefully Abreu's blister is better and he can take the 9th for us.

    It was also good to see the Bulls get some front page love from the Herold-Sun, but "Rashad Jennings"?

    Oh, and if we are going to pick on the PCL for having a team in the middle of the country, it is only fair to point out that the International League isn't so international these days.

    Go Bulls!

  3. According to the Bulls site, Abreu is out (and in the hospital actually). Carlos Hernandez has been activated.

    Hope we don't need him, but it is tough to lose Abreu for this game.

  4. Missed the Herald Sun piece. Nice they got the attention. Didn't see a thing in the N&O.

    As a matter of fact, long ago and far away I did have fun with the "international league":


    In the original draft of that piece I sorted out PCL relationships, but then figured no one would care so I clipped it out.

  5. Chris, I want that t-shirt! Maybe we Diamond Club members will get one.


  6. They're bound to put them up for sale. May have to buy 'em. Maybe next years there will be more Bulls stuff and less Rays stuff.