Sunday, September 6, 2009

Score Tied, Bottom of the 9th, Two Outs, Guess What?

Game 143: Durham Bulls 3, Norfolk Tides 2
Season: 83-60
Games Left in Season: 1
Wrap, Box

This game started out pretty much as expected. Just up from Montgomery Paul Phillips got the start and everyone (Bulls included) was swinging at just about everything. The game didn’t really matter to either team and, at first, it was mostly three-up/three-down for both teams.

Phillips was touched up for a couple of hits in the 5th, but left at the end of the inning no runs on the board. Similarly, the Bulls did very little through four innings, then new guy Sean Rodriguez hit a home run to start the 5th. A little flurry in the 7th from Norfolk, two runs; a Ruggiano double drove in Rodriguez in the Bulls side of the 7th. Score now 2-2 and both teams were clearly back into it, caring about who was going to win this one.

Which brings us to a 2009 Durham Bulls ending (We’ve won 19 games in the final at bat this year). Two outs, bottom of the 9th. John Jaso hits a double off Norfolk closer Bob McCrory. Desmond Jennings sent in to run for Jaso.

Ray Olmedo comes to bat and I’m remembering the Ray Olmedo and Ray Sadler games of April and May. I’m guessing so does Ray Olmedo. A single to right brings Jennings around. Ray steps on first base and waits for the team to come out and gang up on him.

I think I heard Neil Solondz say that 83 wins ties the best record in AAA Bulls history.

Last game of the season tomorrow, but then the playoffs start Wednesday. This team just gets better.

World Cup

Team USA 11, Canada 2 (Exhibition)
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As special thanks to Mike Potter for covering these games this week and posting on the Independent Weekly's Sports Blog.

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  1. Another great night for the Bulls.

    It is a fun time to be watching this team. Lets just keep it rolling...