Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eldridge Back; Brignac Gone; Nelson Clears Waivers

According to Stacy Long, Rashad Eldridge is coming to the Bulls from the Biscuits. Rashad was with us earlier in the year and did quite well: .301/.356/.370. An outfielder, it looks to me he might fill a hole if Joyce gets called up. Sorry for Montgomery’s loss, but a positive for us.

According to Marc Tompkin, Reid Brignac is on his way to Tampa Bay and Joe Nelson passed through waivers and accepted an assignment to Durham.

If new infielder Sean Rodriguez stays more than a couple of days, and if his hitting is still in the shape it was in when he left Salt Lake, we should be OK in the infield. Maybe better than OK.

Even though what we really need is starting pitching, and even though Nelson hasn’t shown us much yet, maybe Charlie and X. know something we don’t. We can hope.

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