Monday, September 7, 2009

Wlodarczyk Assigned

Left-handed reliever Mike Wlodarczyk has been assigned to the Bulls from Montgomery. He’s had 47 appearances with the Biscuits this year, all except three in relief. He carries an ERA of 4.51 in 65 innings with 46 strikeouts and 26 walks.

We’re slowly becoming the Durham Biscuits. If I was complaining about what Tampa Bay was doing to us, just think what we’ve done to Montgomery. We’ve picked up Jennings, Eldridge, Oliveros, Rollins, Phillips, Hellickson, and Wlodarszyk in recent weeks/days. Looks like Albernaz may have been pushed off the roster to make room. Too bad. I was looking forward to seeing him pitch today.

Now if I could just pronounce his name ...


  1. Yeah, that is the strange nature of minor league baseball. Every time we lose someone to Tampa, Montgomery loses someone to us, Bowling Green loses someone, etc.

    The only difference here, as I see it, is that the Biscuits are not playoff bound. So, today is it for them. I wonder if we will get anyone else once they are done for the year.

  2. The new guy looked good today, which is nice to see.

    Anyone know what the deal was with the Bulls only using one bat today? End of the year tradition? Did Weber take all the others?

    BTW, Chris Richards got the call-up today. Good for him, but he would have been nice to have for the playoffs.

  3. Source for the Chris Richard callup? I see where Pena left the game in New York, but haven't found anything more. Radio?

  4. Ah, I see. The twitter. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Looks like Richard may even get to start the Rays game tonight.

    (I don't know why I always add an "s" to the end of his name.)