Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bulls Win AAA Championship

Just wanted to get a post up now since it will be a while before I get to a full review. An 11-inning, 5-4, run scored on a wild-pitch, nail-biter.

Hellickson was named MVP, but for my money the MVP was Michel Hernandez for the double that set up the winning run, and the three (count 'em, three) behind-the-batter's-back stops he made on Bateman pitches. Lots of folks could have moved around the bases without those stops.

Thank you Bulls for a GREAT YEAR!!!


  1. Thanks for the great seaons, Bulls!

    (And, Chris, thanks for the site here. It has been a great source of info, and it is really nice to be able to interact with the other Bulls fan out there)

  2. What a wonderful season. Thanks to all of the players who played for the Durham Bulls this year. They all made a contribution to the sucess of the Bulls during the season. The game last night was one of the best games I saw all season. What a finish.
    Chris, Look forward to next year and thanks for the site.

  3. seemed like they set a record for broken bats last night...

    Nice win to end the season

  4. Now we need to make it a best of 3 or best of 5 playoff for the national championship; the season ends too early!


  5. They also need to rotate the location!

  6. thanks for the comments. I finally got to the computer to write up last night's game and just posted it. Agree about a real playoff, but think there's a history of lack of interest. Certainly ESPN2 didn't spend any big bucks last night. Not HD, crummy camera angles (just as in All-Star game). Looked like they had trouble selling commercial time, too. And then the locals didn't come out. Agree with moving it around idea.

  7. To me, it makes perfect sense to move it yearly to a different AAA stadium. I realize that there are schedule reasons that some stadiums need a lot of advanced notice and there can't be a last minute decision to host a game like this. But, it would be better for teams and fans alike. Besides the fact that the current location is biased toward the PCL (they see this stadium during the regular year, the IL doesn't), I bet they would sell more tickets in a city that wouldn't get another AAA championship for 30 years. I can say that, if they announced the game would be in Durham next year, I would buy tickets today and would be there even if the Bulls weren't.