Friday, September 11, 2009

USA Loses to Venezuela

USA 9, Venezuela 13
Wrap, Box, Mister Baseball

Maybe it was the jet lag, maybe it was a bad wienerschnitzel, maybe it was a fascination with flip-top beer bottles or gasthaus songs, but Durham Bull Jason Childers probably never wants to see Regensburg, Germany again. He came on in the 7th inning and got his first batter on a fly out, but walked the second and third batters. He struck out the fourth batter, but walked the fifth, loading the bases. He hit the sixth batter and served up a grand slam to the seventh one. Five runs. Got pulled from the game.

Nevertheless, the game was not decided until the 11th inning by another grand slam and that after the game shifted to the “extra inning rule” in the 10th. Don’t ask me what that is. I’m working on it. Some sort of tie-breaking, shorten the game kind of thing.

Jon Weber went 2 for 5 with 1 RBI.

Finding info on the World Cup isn’t particularly easy. The best start place that I’ve found is a page in Wikipedia. The Cup’s website is really annoying. Team USA has a site. And Mister Baseball (apparently a German site) seems to be writing particularly good stories. For general background, this article helps.

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