Saturday, September 19, 2009

Durham Bulls To Play Memphis Redbirds

The Memphis Redbirds (St Louis Cardinals) won the PCL championship. So they are the team our Bulls will be playing in Oklahoma City next Tuesday.

Stacy Long over in Montgomery is reporting that Jeremy Hellickson will be the Bulls' starting pitcher. No surprise, just wondering how come Stacy knows about it and we don't.

Desmond Jennings and Hellickson were down in St Petersburg accepting awards yesterday. And Rays manager Joe Maddon is quoted as saying he doesn't think he will be calling up any more players this year.


  1. I know that Tyler's was mentioned before, but I just checked their site and they are having a "Bulls Championship Game Watching Party" Tuesday and if you show up in Bulls gear you get 50% off apps.

    I think we will probably go, but I am going to Tivo the game also.

  2. Can't make it myself. But I'll put up a link the next time I do a post. Thanks for info.