Thursday, September 10, 2009


Durham Bulls 2, Louisville Bats 5

The Bulls got outpitched tonight. Simple as that. Ben Jukich, Enerio Del Rosario, and Logan Ondrusek of the Louisville Bats did what they are paid to do. The Bulls did jump on Ben Jukich in the 1st inning with three quick singles that scored one run. Then Matt Joyce hit into a double play with runners on first and third that scored another run. And that was it, folks. That was our last run.

In the 6th the Bulls got the bases loaded with no outs, but Del Rosario came and got three outs, then set down the next six Bulls. Closer Logan Ondrusek came on in the 9th to set down three more. Twelve in a row.

On the other hand, when you’re facing good pitching, someone has to step up. Four Bulls position players are on the Tampa Bay 40-man roster. Back in the 6th when the bases were loaded with no outs, three of those four came to bat: Ruggiano - fly out; Johnson - fielder’s choice ground out; John Jaso - ground out. That’s not how you get to the Rays, guys.

But I don’t want to sound too down. The Bulls were flat tonight and, as I said, they got outpitched. But the series is far from over. We are 1-1 for a five-game series. Tomorrow they’re in Louisville, Jason Cromer is on the mound, and all will be well.

As a side note, Mitch Talbot pitched three pretty good innings. Nice to see him back at the DBAP. It’s been a long time. Things came unraveled for him in the 4th. Too bad, because he had a decent game going up until then.

Cool at the DBAP tonight. Actually a bit chilly if in a t-shirt. Still, I’ll be happy to go back there next Wednesday. After all, I’ve already paid for the tickets.


  1. I have to admit that I have been surprised how these games have played out. I thought that we had a good lineup and my big concern was the pitching (not our starter yesterday, obviously, but the pen and the end of our rotation). I think we have gotten more than I could have asked for from the pitchers, but should be getting more at the plate (weird to say with 8 runs yesterday).

    A split is okay, given how the games unfolded. The first game away tonight is big. Lets hope we have someone step up and make a big play.

  2. Some days, when the other guy's pitchers are on, you're just gonna get beat. Still, surprised with all the quiet bats: Jennings, Rodriguez, Ruggiano, Joyce and the rest just not doing it (although Joyce came within inches last night). Not to second-guess Montoyo too much, wonder if Talbot should have even gone out for the 4th? That might have made a difference, too.

  3. I know that Mitch had a pretty strict pitch limit, but I have no idea how close he was to that limit when he started the 4th.