Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Durham Bulls 3.0

It seems like only yesterday that I was writing about the Bulls lineup (wait, it was yesterday, wasn’t it? And a couple of times today). But my last big update, the 2.0 edition of the Bulls, lasted precisely one week. since then we’ve had four pitching changes and four position player changes.

Here’s an updated list based on the 2.0 version. Changes are marked with an xxx for departure and bold for arrival. Players on the 40-man roster are marked with an asterisk. Pretty soon it will be the Tampa Bay Bulls and the Durham Biscuits.

  • Jason Cromer
  • Jeremy Hellickson
  • Rayner Oliveros
  • Heath Rollins
  • Paul Phillips
  • xxx Dale Thayer * xxx
  • Joe Bateman
  • Julio DePaula
  • Winston Abreu
  • Calvin Medlock
  • Joe Nelson
  • Mike Wlodarczyk
  • Mitch Talbot *

  • John Jaso *
  • Craig Albernaz
  • Michel Hernandez

  • xxx Reid Brignac * xxx
  • Joe Dillon
  • Elliot Johnson *
  • Henry Mateo
  • Ray Olmedo
  • xxx Chris Richard xxx
  • Sean Rodriguez *
  • Chris Nowak

  • Justin Ruggiano *
  • Desmond Jennings
  • Matt Joyce *
  • Rashad Eldridge

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, over at Indy Week Adam Sobsey has made a valiant effort to lay out the Bulls - Bats match up. Great effort. Now to see if the Reds leave the Bats alone as much as the Rays have left us alone.

[Update: I left out Mitch Talbot. Ooops!]

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  1. Funny how our guys are getting called up and the Bats have MLB guys down on rehab.

    I am surprisingly nervous about tomorrow's game.