Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gettting Ready

This is going to be mostly links as we get ready for tonight’s game against the SWB Yankees.

First, a couple of looks back to Sunday’s game in Louisville.
  • Darin Smith at MiLB.com wrote the game up, with some good quotes from Justin Ruggiano.
  • Adam Sobsey over at Indy Week had this take on the game.
  • In Louisville, two somewhat elegiac looks at the game and the Bat’s season. One by Michael Grant and another by Eric Crawford [link].

Looking forward, Adam Sobsey takes a look at the matchups.

Up in Scranton Chad Jennings blogs about the SWB Yankees and he’s got some interesting stuff about the upcoming series.

With all this talent out there, I think I’ll just go to the game and see what happens, then write it up. But I've got to say at least a little something. Once again, I'm pretty comfortable with our position player situation, particularly with Michel Hernandez available handle all the complications we're bound to have with pitching. My hope is that we can build a good cushion for Jeremy tonight so that maybe, just maybe, he'd be available if we need him for game 5. Somehow we cobbled together enough good pitching to get by Louisville. All we have to do is do it again.

And we can.


  1. Interesting idea on giving Jeremy a quick pull tonight (with a big lead) to save him for game 5. I am a bit torn. On one hand, if we go five I would feel a lot better knowing he would be out there. On the other hand, we know the pen is going to be used heavily in game two and probably game four. It would be nice to have those guys fresh and let Jermey and Jason give them some time off in games one and three.

    Plus, if we can make it through and get to play the "championship" game on television (at least last year it was on ESPN2) Jeremy has earned the right to be out there playing on a national scene.

  2. After finding some wood to knock on, it would be really cool to see Jeremy pitch on national TV. The game is Sep 22, 7pm, ESPN2, out of Oklahoma City.

  3. Well, with any luck the rays will leave us alone; they're 12 back in the wildcard race, which should put them out of it.