Saturday, July 21, 2012

After the Rain, Part 2

Season: 46-55; Home Stand: 3-2; Bulls v. Red Wings: 4-1; Standings

Will Rhymes returned to the Bulls in style. Batting leadoff on the second pitch of the game he hit a home run. Welcome back!

The inning continued with a double by Henry Wrigley (have I pointed out what a great season he’s having?) and another home run by catcher Stephen Vogt. When the rains came at the end of the 5th inning we could reasonably hope that the game was over with the Bulls ahead 4 to 1. But noooo, the umps were better weathermen than that (and the DBAP folks probably wanted to do their fireworks thing). That meant that after a 45 minute delay, even though the Bulls added two more runs in the 7th, when Bryan Augenstein had an uncharacteristically tough time in the 8th, the lead got down to just 6-3 and I was worried. 

Enter Dane De La Rosa who gave up a double and a single to start the 9th. With runners on first and second, Tim Beckham playing second base made a spectacular play on a foul ball that was near the bullpen pitching mound for the first out, but a run scored. De La Rosa gave up a single, but struck out the next batter. Runners on first and second, tying run at the plate. A long fly ball to left field and rehabbing Sam Fuld with his back right against the Blue Monster made the catch to end the game.

Other game high points were Brandon Gomes coming back after the rain delay (he made two pitches before the deluge) for two solid innings; Frank De Los Santos doing his left specialist thing for the last out K in the 8th (with runners on first and second); pitching and good defense stranding 14 Red Wing runners.

Outside the game
  • A careful reader has pointed out an error that I need to correct. A few days ago I complained that the local media was not digging in sufficiently on Chris Archer’s  physical situation and on Brandon Gomes’ poor performance on returning from the Rays. Well, in fact the Herald-Sun had reported on that situation. Not only that, I had even put up a link to the article! I can’t say something dumb like that won’t happen again. But I can say that if it does I will try to fix it.
  • Speaking of Chris Archer, he is supposed to start tonight. His last time on the mound of the DBAP was June 8th (he’s had three minor league and two major league starts since then, he just hasn’t been here). He was only up for an inning in his last start down Gwinnett on July 7, so I’m looking forward to seeing him here.
  • One reason to want to see Archer now is all the speculation afoot regarding the Rays these days. If the Rays do make a move, you have to think that Archer will be part of the equation.

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