Monday, July 23, 2012


Season: 47-56; Home Stand: 4-3; Bulls v. Red Wings: 5-2; Standings

First, let me admit that I watched the first game at the DBAP and the second on TV at home, so I missed some of the pain and fun of yesterday’s games.

Jim Paduch pitched pretty well in the opener, the home run to Clete Thomas being his only big mistake. The rest of the runs were gifts to the Red Wings by the Bulls infield.

Sam Fuld looks ready to play the outfield for Tampa Bay, even if his bat and running shoes may not be. He handled a lot of plays in right field in game one, at least six outs and two singles in front of him. He made a terrific throw in the 4th to stop a Red Wing from stretching a single. At bat in his time with the Bulls so far he’s only gone 3 for 18 with a double, 3 walks, 3 Ks, and was thrown out in his one steal attempt. At .167 he’s done better that some rehabbers who’ve come through this year (Lobaton, Joyce), is tied with Jennings, and lags Longoria’s 1 for 5. If he plays tonight, it could be his last game with the Bulls.

A very scary moment came in the 5th when Stephen Vogt chased a foul ball into the brick wall near the Bulls dugout. Could not tell if he’d hit his head or his shoulder, but pleased that he was able to stay in the game. Did note that Nevin Ashley started to put on the gear for a few minutes there and Ashley was seen trotting down to the bullpen in Game 2.

Chris Archer looked terrific in his first inning of Game 2, OK in his second, and a little shaky in his third. I hope the trade rumors are wrong. I’d really like to see him back on form and able to really get into a game for the Bulls. Undoubtedly the best pitcher the Bulls have, when they have him.

Rich Thompson’s talent is rattling the opposition with great baserunning. He did that to win the second game. Bunt single, stolen base, perfect tag-evading slide into home on a Henry Wrigley single to win the game. Just terrific.

Just up from Montgomery Biscuits reliever Adam Liberatore made a one batter/two-pitch/blown save appearance. That goes with his four batter/thirteen pitch appearance back on April 14th. He remains the leading candidate for the 2012 WDBB Moonlight Graham Award for pitchers.

Outside the game —
  • Brandon Gomes has been optioned back. Former Bull Matt Moore went a bunch of innings in yesterday’s loss to the Mariners, so he was not needed. Guess it made the folks down there feel better having him on the bench. No telling how Gomes feels about his 1,400 mile trek.
  • Indy Week writer Adam Sobsey has been optioned back as well. He returns with an assessment of the 2012 Durham Bulls up at the Indy Week link. A bit of tough love there.
  • As most probably know, the Bull (and the scoreboard) took a lightning strike the other day. Hence the quiet response to Anderson’s and Vogt’s home runs yesterday. Repair parts are being Fedex’d to the DBAP. Repairs done by tonight? Maybe. In the meantime, let me repeat my appreciation to the scoreboard guys for figuring out how to keep us informed regarding balls and strikes. Now if they could just help me out with the illegible uniform numbers … (yeah, I know I’m old, but when Jesus Feliciano (23) made it to first I was hard-pressed to tell the difference between his uniform number and Charlie Montoyo’s (25)). Those jerseys do look comfortable though, I just don’t have the $95 it’d take to buy one with my name and an illegible number on it.
  • Just in: Jeff Manship, the Red Wings pitcher who got the win against the Bulls in the opening game, has been named IL pitcher of the week.


  1. We hung on for the first inning of the second game, then I caught the end of the second on TV. I agree with all your observations.

    Tonight's turned into a tarp-watcher as this line of storms is just starting to give some heavy rain in South Durham. Looks like a second line around Danville that, if luck holds, will diminish as the sun sets. Would like to see the Bulls get one more crack at Rochester.

  2. Vogt's head did not seem to hit the wall. He landed on his back - think he got wind knocked out of him.
    Beckham showed little class for the fan who got hottie in the stand with the bat he let go of. Wanted the bat back and seemed to care less about the dad with lump on his temple.

    Thanks for these updates and blog. New Bulls Fan