Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back in Town

Season: 43-54; Home Stand: 0-1; Streak: 0-7; Bulls v. Iron Pigs: 2-3; Standings

After perhaps ten minutes into the game the Bulls were behind by three runs. Probably a good time to get philosophical about it all and just watch for interesting plays. We haven’t been able to go to a ball game for almost two weeks because of the bizarre schedule this year, so just enjoy the moment. At least that what I kept telling myself last night. It actually helped … a bit.

Sam Fuld, a Rays outfielder, is in town on a rehab assignment. In the 5th inning he got to help the grounds crew adjust a sign in center field that was apparently bothering a Lehigh Valley batter. Didn’t help. The batter, Andres Blanco, hit into one of the three nice double plays the Bulls pulled off in the game. 

Too bad we don’t have some more aggressive reporters here. If we did, we might find out what happened to Chris Archer and Brandon Gomes. Gomes is pitching poorly and Archer isn't pitching at all.

Archer went up to the Rays and started two games for them (and did pretty well). He came back to the Bulls and pitched one inning (17 pitches) back on July 7th and hasn’t been back on the mound. We can guess that it is some sort of physical distress, but you can bet that if he were still on the Rays roster we’d have more information than we do here. So, whatever might be wrong, Chris, here’s hoping that it’s not anything serious and that you’re back soon. 

In Archer’s absence Ryan Reid got a spot start last night and, except for an unfortunate home run, did OK.

Brandon Gomes has been up with the Rays three times this year and is having trouble getting in his innings after coming back the last time. Since July 2nd he’s only pitched in 3 ⅔ innings. It caught up with him last night when he was hit hard for three runs.

Meanwhile, the Iron Pigs’ Tyler Cloyd simply handled the Bulls. Tricky, crafty guy. Glad the Bulls don’t have to face him again this season.

Update: I wouldn't post this if the Bulls were more forthcoming. But there's this rumor out there. What if the Rays are looking to trade Archer? Is that why he isn't playing?


  1. Archer left the game at Gwinnett after one inning with oblique tightness, this according to Marc Topkin of the TB Times on Twitter, which Patrick repeated on the Bulls broadcast. Strange that it came from a Tampa source and not the Bulls trainer. I'll confess that I immediately thought impending trade at the time, but at this point holding him out doesn't help his value, it instead makes him look like damaged goods.

    Archer's injury really marked the beginning of the Bulls skid, as they let that game slip away, soon followed by others.

    Cloyd is a fine pitcher, he started the All-Star game last week for the IL. Too bad I wasn't able to make it to the park last night to see him.

    Other news from Twitter/Topkin says that the Joyce callup means Will Rhymes rejoining the Bulls, perhaps as early as tonight. Topkin also speculates that Matsui might come back down when Fuld goes up. But with Fuld coming off the 60 Day DL there's also the question of the 40 man roster spot, as players on the 60 Day don't require a 40 man spot.

  2. Saw the Topkin post and heard Kinas. But Kinas works for the Bulls. How come the Herald-Sun isn't chasing the story? I'm hoping that there really isn't all that much to it, though. Just wanted to stir the pot a bit and maybe drag some news out. Poor starting pitching is killing the Bulls and losing Archer is just part of it.

    Who do you think will go over the side for Rhymes? If it's just the numbers then it will have to be O'Malley back to Montgomery. Think I'll put up a separate post on that.