Thursday, July 26, 2012

Two Games; 26 Runs

Season: 50-56; Road Trip: 2-0; Bulls v. Braves: 7-6; Standings

The mystery of Alex Torres continued in the first game of this series with the Gwinnett Braves (1⅓ innings, 2 hits, 6 BB, 5 Ks, 5 ER). However, Brandon Gomes, new guy Frank De Los Santos, and Bryan Augenstein sucked it up for the rest of the pitching crew. Meanwhile, Bulls bats were very active, but not too impatient (7 walks). The swings back and forth meant that the game was never quite put away for either team.

In yesterday’s game Lance Pendleton gave up 10 hits and 8 earned runs and still got a win! Which implies that, overall, this was a game of their pitchers being far worse that our pitchers. Bulls batters drew 11 walks, got 14 hits, and scored a season-high 16 runs.

They jumped out to a 7-run lead, gave it back, and then went ahead on Reid Brignac’s grand slam. 

Even a baseball professional has got to feel extended after a 4¼ hour and a 3½ hour game. That’s a lot of time keeping your focus on track and might help explain the 7 errors the two teams have accumulated over the two games.

Outside the game —
  • Evan Longoria is supposed to show up in the Bulls dugout today. I have to say I have mixed feelings about this. Based on the comments here, he sounds fragile. He’s only going to help the Bulls if his bat gets hot (a possibility). 
  • The Rays gave up a rising AA player, Tyler Bortnick, to get yet another infielder, this one from the Diamondbacks, Ryan Roberts. The interesting note, from a Bulls fan perspective, is that Bortnick was immediately assigned to a AAA team. Has the glut of middle infielders on the Bulls roster been holding Bortnick up?
  • Former Durham Bull Hideki Matsui has been designated for assignment to make room for Roberts. Although immediately off the Rays roster, Matsui has a couple of days to make up his mind/consider offers/negotiate with the Rays before a final move has to be made.
  • Interesting interview with Bulls pitching coach Neil Allen on the Bulls website. 
  • Remember Robinson Chirinos? He is still rehabbing from a concussion caused when a Josh Lueke pitch got foul-tipped into his mask during spring training. Here’s an insightful look at coping with an invisible injury.

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