Thursday, July 5, 2012


Season: 42-46; Home Stand: 1-0; Bulls v. Tides: 5-4; Standings
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A couple of days ago Reid Brignac went 0-5 with every single ball he hit going to the opponent’s first baseman. Last night when he came up in the 2nd inning with runners on first and third and did it again, I thought he might be in for another game of the same. I was wrong. What he did after that was pop a single, an RBI double to the right field wall, and a three-run homer over the Blue Monster (and raise his average to .232). Great night for him and for a bunch of other Bulls.

A huge crowd on hand, mostly waiting for the city fireworks show. While they waited we got to see some terrific baseball. Jim Paduch came back from his horrible outing last week to give up only the homer in the 2nd inning. Otherwise, he kept the Tides guessing for five innings. Cesar Ramos is reported to be on orders to be “stretched out”. Meaning, I guess, that he throws the ball a bit more than usual. He stayed for 2 innings and got the win when Brignac doubled home Leslie Anderson in the 6th. Dane De La Rosa got through two innings on 17 pitches. That’s efficiency.

Meanwhile, Tim Beckham continues to assert himself at bat with a home run to begin the game.

Rehabber Matt Joyce started in right field, but left after three at-bats. He was caught stealing after a walk. Not quite sure why he tried. The Tides’ Berken is famous for not letting folks steal on him. He was also in his major leaguer’s batting helmet. Those guys really don’t like the helmets required everywhere else.

Henry Wrigley continues to hit very, very well — two singles and a double.

Two nice double plays, 6-4-3 and a 1-6-3 that preceded the final K to end the game added to the fun of the game.

Outside the game —
  • Minor league trivia: The Bulls last played the Tides on May 27th, in Norfolk. From that game only four Bulls players and four Tides players were in last night’s starting lineup.
  • Tonight is the last game at the DBAP until June 16th
  • The N&O has a nice story on Chris Archer's major league debut. 

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