Saturday, July 21, 2012

Albernaz, Ramos

The Rays have put DH Luke Scott  on the DL. (Remember him? He came through Durham a few weeks ago.) That allows them, conveniently, bring up a reliever after a 14-inning game yesterday. Funny how that works. Cesar Ramos is on his way to St. Petersburg. To take Ramos' place on the roster catcher (and infrequent pitcher) Craig Albernaz is on the way back from Hudson Valley.

[Note: For newcomers to this blog, Hudson Valley is a real baseball team in the Rays system. However, its roster also serves as a place to stash folks that the Bulls want to keep around when their 25-man roster is full. This year the person most often fitting that need is veteran minor league catcher Craig Albernaz. During the time a player is assigned to Hudson Valley he is often seen in a Bulls uniform in the dugout and working out with the team, he just can't play in a game unless he is "recalled" form Hudson Valley. All references in this blog to Hudson Valley are typically tongue in cheek. I once had the opportunity to ask Albernaz if he had ever been to Wappinger Falls, NY, home of the Hudson Valley Renegades. He grinned and said that he had not.]

Update, 10:00 pm, 21 July: Ramos must have been called up Friday night, because when Alex Cobb was injured in 2nd inning of tonight's (Saturday's) game he came in and pitched a solid four innings in relief, 2 hits, no runs, 6 Ks. He might stay there with that kind of performance. The Rays, however, couldn't score against the Mariners and lost 2-1.

Update, 8:00 am, 22 July: Ramos has been optioned back to Durham and another pitcher will be recalled to take his place, according to reports. This is really going to screw up the Bulls bullpen. Short one pitcher when Ramos left, another being called up, facing a double-header today. And Ramos, as I understand the rules, can take several days to return.


  1. Really enjoy reading your blog! We bought half season tickets and you have answered a lot of our questions! :)

    1. Thank you. Here's hoping we get to see some good/better baseball in the final 19 games. (19! the end is nigh! will have to write something about that)
      If you happen to be really new to AAA ball, let me suggest the two Durham Bulls basics links at the upper right sidebar.
      Again, thanks.