Sunday, July 1, 2012

Escape the Heat

Season: 39-45; Trip: 1-0; Bulls v. Bisons: 5-0; Standings

Alex Torres had a solid outing and Bulls hitters went nuts, notably ex-Buffalo Bisons Chris Gimenez and Jesus Feliciano. With a game day starting temperature of only 84° it was a good day to be in Buffalo (it was 102° down here). Twelve runs on 16 hits with no errors? Great day!

Anyone keeping score at home must have had fun trying to deal with scoring one inning when thirteen batters come to the plate (the 5th) and score nine runs. With a single and a home run in the same inning, that has to be one of catcher Chris Gimenez’s personal bests.

Worries? Well, Josh Leuke and Jhonny Nunez did give back five runs. Their ERAs have ballooned up to 6.57 where they are tied for the worst ERAs of any Bulls relievers.

Outside the game —
  • Matt Buschmann was sent back to Montgomery. 
  • Chris Archer may start today, but keep an eye on Tampa Bay. Hellickson was injured last night.
  • Leslie Anderson came off the DL and may play in today’s 1 o’clock game.
  • The Bulls have scored 47 runs in five games against Buffalo!
  • Charlie Montoyo isn’t the only manager who’s hands are tied by the big league club. See the Buffalo News article that explains some of the reasons behind the 5th inning disaster last night.

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