Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rainy Night

Season: 41-46; Trip: 3-1; Bulls v. Bisons: 7-1; Standings

Sometimes the box score tells you the story. Sometimes it misleads you. Not that the Bulls were cruising in last night's uncertain weather, they weren’t. But Lance Pendleton did a decent job through six innings and Bryan Augenstein held on very nicely for two more. In the meantime the Bulls scored two in the 7th and two in the 8th and were looking good for Brandon Gomes to close it out.

What the box score does not tell you is that the bottom half of the 9th inning took a very long time to play, had only two outs, and was possibly the worst two-thirds of an inning in Shawn O’Malley’s and Brandon Gomes’ year. O’Malley came in as a pinch runner in the 8th and stayed in the game at second base. Gomes started the inning off with a walk, but seemed to recover when the next batter popped out. The next batter grounded to short and it sounded like a double play was going to end the game. But after making the out at second O’Malley threw the ball away and the batter ended up on second base with two outs. Gomes wild-pitched the runner to third base and the next batter hit a grounder to O’Malley who could not close the deal. The runner on third scored and a runner was on first. He moved to second on a single and they both moved up on another wild pitch by Gomes after he was ahead 0-2 on Bison batter Jordany Valdespin. 

Runners on second and third, scored tied, count 1-2, and the skies opened up. The umps cleared the field.

When they got back, Frank De Los Santos came in to pitch, runners were still on second and third, and the count was still 1-2. An infield single (again to O’Malley) brought in a run. Game over.

Outside the game —
  • Overall, that was a great road trip. Only two home games and then the Bulls are gone till the 16th!
  • Leslie Anderson got picked up for the Triple-A All-Star game! Congrats to Leslie!
  • Matt Joyce, who did a terrific job for the Durham Bulls in 2009 and 2010, will be back in town for a rehab stint tonight and tomorrow.
  • How is it that a city with major league hockey and professional football can give so much ink to AAA baseball while my hometown paper (the N&O) has yet to do anything more than copy and paste the Bulls press release for a game report? See the Buffalo News link above. Yes, the Herald-Sun does a good job, and I thank them for it. I’d just like to see the other Triangle paper get someone out on a baseball beat ( and remember the Mudcats!)

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