Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rhymes Back; Who's to Go?

The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that infielder Will Rhymes is on his way back to Durham. That's creates a puzzle for the Bulls that's probably already been solved. Just for grins, though, who do you think is leaving and where will he go?

Rhymes' last at bat as a Bull was on April 30th, so it's been a while since he was in Durham. We never knew his exact contract status, but sounds like he has options left and has no real choice. As a Bull he played 17 games at 2B and 5 at 3B. The Bulls have Matt Mangini, Reid Brignac, Cole Figueroa, Tim Beckham and Shawn O'Malley cued up for those locations. Just glancing at that list, it sure looks like Mr. O'Malley (who's been seeing some playing time in the outfield) will be on his way back to Montgomery.

Other thoughts?


  1. Craig Albernaz is no longer on the active roster, they can't "send" him to Hudson Valley now but I fully expect to see him in the park tonight.

    I can't guess who will be sent down, but it's gotta be somebody, unless a player goes on the DL.

  2. Albernaz in the dugout in uniform tonight. O'Malley is too. I'm guessing Rhymes hasn't arrived yet, don't see him.

  3. Unable to get to game tonight. Watched the last couple of innings. Thanks for the info. Guess we'll hear something tomorrow.

  4. Matt Mangini has been put on the temporarily inactive list. Not quite sure what that means for the long run.

  5. So Albernaz is going to be sent back down?

    1. Nope. Albernaz was sent to "Hudson Valley" a week or two ago. He's in uniform, but he can't play in a game. It was back when Vogt came off the DL. He'll probably stay with the Bulls to warm up pitchers which frees up Vogt and Gimenez for more than just catching (such as DHing or outfield or 1B).

      Mangini's move to the inactive list is how they made room for Rhymes. But that's got to be some kind of stall. I'm not sure how long someone can stay on the inactive list, but surely not for long.