Saturday, July 4, 2009

Arrivals and Departures

Here’s the bare bones of it: Chris Nowak to Montgomery and Calvin Medlock to Hudson Valley (wonder if he’ll be there in time for the “Ball-less Baseball game”?). Elliott Johnson is off the disabled list and reliever John Meloan has apparently joined the team.

Looks like Adam Sobsey over at Triangle Offense/Indy Week called the Nowak move correctly, and it makes sense to me.

Moving Medlock makes much less baseball sense, so has to be more about the business of baseball than the playing of baseball. Something we have to live with, I suppose. But even with his limited appearances he was clearly a better pitcher than at least two of the other relievers on the squad. Hope we see him back before too long. As Adam points out, the guy in the grey sweatshirt on the Bulls bench just might be Calvin.

Don’t know if Elliot will be in the lineup tonight. We’ll have to wait for Neil Solondz or Gameday to tell us.

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