Saturday, July 4, 2009

Jason Cromer Fan Club Thanks Bulls

Game 81: Bulls 3, Knights 2
Season: 47-34
Wrap, Box, Herald-Sun, Indy Week

The Jason Cromer Fan Club
℅ Watching Durham Bulls Baseball

Durham Bulls Baseball Club
℅ Farfaleaux, Foghart, & Bloviate, L.L.C*
Attorneys-at-Law & Media Relations Consultants
ATTN: Armstrong Farfaleaux
Diamond View II Bldg
Durham, NC

Dear Mr. Farfaleaux:

Our congratulations to the entire team for their extraordinary seven game run, their 47-34 won-loss record, and leadership of the entire International League. Well done!

On behalf of the entire Jason Cromer Fan Club (which has tripled in size since our last letter ) we wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to Reid Brignac. Without his timely breakout of his mild slump with those two home runs and three RBIs yet another of Jason’s efforts would have gone unremarked — except by us, of course. A stalwart six innings on his part (we’d rather not discuss the seventh).

In addition to Reid’s heroics we want to thank Jason Childers (3 up, 3 down), Joe Bateman (3 up, 3 down), and Dale Thayer (3 up, 3 down) who kept the Knights runnerless and scoreless. Particularly notable was Jason Childer’s 7th inning. But we have to point out that with a more thoughtful management it might not have been necessary. As good a pitcher as Cromer is, he usually tops out at about 100 pitches or 24 batters, as a cursory review of his record would reveal. So perhaps next time warm up a reliever before Jason needs to be bailed out.

In addition to Jason’s superb performance, I am sure you would agree that it was a superb night for baseball: colorful uniforms, perfect weather, and a full stadium. I’m sure that we all were stunned at Henry Mateo’s giving the phrase “shelling the pitcher” reality when he literally knocked Charlotte pitcher Jack Egbert out of the box in 3rd. By the way, we noted that a Rays blog, DRaysBay has noticed Henry and done an interesting write up on his performance this year.

In your response to our last letter you mention that you had had a discussion with Jon Weber regarding his errant bats. Since that time he has loosed two more in our direction. As several members of the JCFC are seated near us, we are requesting additional counseling of that hirsute young man. But not, as last night, benching him. That is simply too extreme a measure.

Assuming that you will be conveying the substance of this note to the Bulls and Bulls management, here are a few other items we would like you to pass on.

  • To Matt Joyce. We are of the opinion that he may have had the longest at-bat in Bulls history on the evening of July 2nd when his at-bat was interrupted by a 23 minute rain delay.
  • They might like to know that their former colleague Chad Orvella has been signed by the Kansas City Royals and is pitching for the Northwest Arkansas Naturals. [Thanks, DRR]
  • A Rays farm team, the Hudson Valley Renegades is achieving national fame with their “Ball-Less Baseball” promotion. Since at least half of the JCFC are of the male gender, we request that you not emulate the Renegades.

Lastly, we had to find out from Stacy Long in Montgomery, Alabama that a Durham Bull, Chris Nowak, is leaving us for the Biscuits. How is it we have to keep checking Stacy’s blog to find out what’s happening in Durham?

* WDBB has received an email claiming that an extensive search of the World Wide Web has failed to reveal the existence of FF&B. Instead, all that was found was a link to WDBB. To which WDBB responded, “We couldn’t be happier.”

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