Thursday, July 2, 2009


Game 80: Bulls 8, Knights 6
Season: 46-34
Wrap, Box

Really, really nice to see the Bulls back in town, even if it’s only for a couple of days. Six in a row!

We got our first look at Andy Sonnanstine in a Durham Bulls uniform. The first time in a couple of years. He did a decent job over six innings — 2 runs on 7 hits, 3 walks, and 3 strike outs. Jorge Julio came on in the seventh …

Rant Alert!
The Rays/Bulls dumped Dewon Day today. Someone had to go once Sonnanstine came on the roster. I understand that. But why Day and not Julio? Day isn’t exactly a standout. In 22 appearances he pitched 18 ⅓ innings, had a 3-1 record and an ERA of 3.95 and Opponents On Base Percentage (OBA) of .386. But Julio, who came to us from Milwaukee in early June over 9 appearances (9 ⅔ innings) has an ERA of 9.31 and OBA of .404. Makes no sense to me. In fact, the only thing that makes any sense at all is that there’s something in the fine print of their contracts that made it easier to dump Day than Julio.
... and gave up three runs on a double, a walk, and a homer. Medlock (he’s looking pretty good since he joined us) and Thayer finished it up, although Dale did give up a rare home run to make it exciting.

But the hitting, that was really pretty. Home runs by Joyce, Weber, and Richard. Doubles by Joyce, Weber, and Richard. RBIs by those three plus Ruggiano. And extraordinary plate discipline by Henry Mateo resulting in 2 hits, a walk, and 2 runs scored.

Now to the really important stuff.
  • Hirsuteness changes: Jon Weber has sprouted some hair around his head. Looks good, Jon. Dale Thayer shaved his ‘stach and sideburns. Since both had good nights, maybe a good thing.
  • Jon Weber launched his fourth bat in my direction tonight. This is the Tar Heel State, Jon. Gotta be some pine tar around here somewhere — assuming that’s still legal. I’ve still got more hair than you, Jon, but you’re catching up.
The Bulls have updated their roster, but Joe Bateman’s still not on it.

Over at The Rays Party he’s got some interesting stuff on soon-to-arrive John Meloan, including pitch f/x charts. (What are pitch f/x charts, you ask? Got me.)

Rant Alert!
The Rays certainly did a number on Winston Abreu. It probably won’t cost them too much since the Rays can’t beat the Indians in the best of times. But it’s gonna be even more embarrassing if Abreu beats them sometime later this year. Especially with the experience they’ve had with Isringhausen and Percival.

By my count, two more pitchers are gonna have to go soon. One when Meloan shows up, another when Mitch Talbot comes off the DL. Maybe, Julio will go. If this year’s numbers mattered Houser would be next, but I’m guessing DePaula is not long for the Bulls. Notice Houser strolling down toward the bullpen tonight. Assume he’s out of the rotation. Are they going to try him as a reliever?


  1. But wasn't Julio really good about 8 years ago? Sounds like typical baseball management to me, Instead of sticking with a complete unknown who could go either way, we go with a guy who was good once in the last decade and currently serves up runs like they were pizzas. Makes COMPLETE sense to me.

  2. As we've discussed several times, I've got to keep reminding myself: "It's not about winning, it's about player development."

    What an organization.


  3. As you'll see in today's post, Chris Nowak is moving back to the Biscuits. Adam Sobsey thinks it may mean that Elliot Johnson is on his way to Durham, and I think that makes sense.