Monday, July 20, 2009

Jon Weber’s Glove

[Thanks to DRR for letting me know about this.]

It turns out that the glove used by Carl Crawford when the made the MVP-winning catch was originally Jon Weber’s. Worth looking at the video at the link to see a nice catch.

“I didn’t want to break in a new glove this season,” Crawford said. “It was Jon Weber’s. I’m pretty sure he is going to tell people, ‘That’s my glove.’ I took it from him in Spring Training. I gave him some bats [emphasis added] and stuff for it. I’m going to have to send him some more stuff now.”

So the mystery of Jon’s propensity to discard bats may be solved — he’s got a lot of them.

On the other hand, I'm confident that he would prefer to be wearing that glove (or any glove) in left field, in the Trop.