Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Welcome Back Elliot!

Game 84: Bulls 6, Knights 1
Season: 49-35
Wrap, Box, Indy Week Story

A fantasy of any player or fan has got to be a 9th inning, 2 out, bases-loaded, 3-2 count grand slam home run. Well it happened last night for Elliot Johnson and Durham Bulls fans. Congratulations to Elliot. The Bulls had just gone ahead on John Jaso’s bases-loaded single. And that followed an interesting string of problems created by Jon Link, Charlotte’s closer. First a single by Jon Weber to start the inning. Then Link threw the ball past first allowing Weber to go all the way to third base. Then Link walked Matt Joyce, struck out Justin Ruggiano (during the at-bat Joyce got to second on a steal or defensive indifference), but gave an intentional walk to Chris Richard (a good idea, I’d say, given the Chris’ reputation) to get to Jaso. Jaso screwed up that plan with a single, scoring the go-ahead run. Sadler struck out. Johnson cleared the bases.

A bit lost in the noise was Ray Olmedo’s home run in the 3rd, his 5th and his 27th (!) RBI on the year.

Odds and Ends:
  • Charlie Montoyo returns to the Bulls for tonight’s game with the Gwinnett Braves. The Bulls are 8-1 since he left. Does Dave Myers get a raise?
  • John Jaso, taking a lesson from Jon Weber, tossed a bat into the stands last night.
  • Last night was the Bulls 84th game of the season. Their “parent” club, the Tampa Bay Rays have played 83. The Rays started their season before the Bulls. How come they’ve played fewer games? More days off. This goes back to an item I posted back in June — minor leagues play ball at a harsher pace than the majors. Their season is shorter, but they play harder. Another reason for the position players to get regular days off.
  • Out on the web Rays Index stirred the pot of the Jackson/Joyce trade by noting an article in a Minneapolis newspaper. Other bloggers took up the cry including Rays All Day and The Rays Revolutionary. Fun reads.
  • One of my favorite sites is Flip Flop Fly Ball, which specializes in interesting graphics illustrating different aspects of the game. He’s got two new ones up.
  • Dock of the Rays says that Price should be sent back to us, with lots of stats.
  • The Rays Party stirs up trade ideas and mentions our Mitch Talbot, Dale Thayer, and Justin Ruggiano.
  • The Rays Party also has a useful list of Rays-related blogs, including WDBB.

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